Warren Daly

Warren owns and manages Invisible Agent. With a background in festivals, radio, art installations, his experience in the Irish music and art scene led him to co-found record label Invisible Agent in 2000, releasing its first vinyl in 2004 before making the move to an Internationally-focused label which he now runs from  South East Asia.

Music Releases & Compositions

May 2017 EP and Video River Mixes

Sept 2016 – EP and Video Spiralling Continuum on  We Are All Ghosts (UK)

Dec 2015EP and Video Enter Cobalt

Nov 2015EP and Video The Stones are Awake

Nov 2013 – Album Triptych with the band WASH. A spoken word/electronica collaborative project between Warren Daly, Alex Leonard, Scott Bywater and Hal FX. They are currently working on their 2nd album set for release in 2017.

Apr 2008EP Epoche

Jan 2004SingleMerlot – Reclaim Palestine Eklectra ‎

Warren Daly Live Perfromances & Tour Dates

Curating, performances, art installations

Nov 2019 – Live show – The World is a Whispering Gallery – Hong Kong

June 2019 – Live A/V show – Red River (excerpts) with Scott Bywater – Phnom Penh, Cambodia

April 2017  – Senior Curator for reBIRTH reVITALISE reGENERATION exhibition at the National Museum of Cambodia. An inspiring exhibition by 15 leading Cambodian contemporary artists, the work of the masters displayed side by side with the next generation that they have mentored, a prototype of a National Art Gallery for Cambodia. Presided over by H.E PHOEUENG SAKONA Minister of Culture and Fine Arts.

2011 -> Present – Curator for all exhibitions of Cambodian sculptor & painter Dina Chhan at the Intercontinental, Meta, Java Arts, National Museum of Cambodia

Jan 2016 – Produced Visuals for Conrad Keely’s debut solo album launch Original Machines, on Superball Music at Meta, Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Jan 2016Cinematographer for Audio Mainline music video Breeze

Jul/Aug 2015 – The stones are awake – collaborative, multi-faceted art performance featuring video sound poetry dance

2013 -> 2014Several live performances in Cambodia with the band WASH

Dec 2007 – Electric City, Dublin, Ireland – Performed live music, supporting Dave Tarrida (Tresor, Berlin)

Aug 2007 – Jigs & Rigs, Rathlin Island (UK Arts Council) Performed a live-set.

Jul 2007Curated a stage at the Mantua Festival, Ireland.

Apr 2007Curated Clarke Tower (Hotel Ballymun) (Irish Arts Council). Warren curated and performed in a showcase of electronic visuals, art installations, live music, sonic experiments and interactive multimedia.

Aug 2006 – Sliabh An Iarainn Music Festival, Sligo, Ireland. Performed live visuals on the main stage.

Jul 2006Curated a stage at the Mantua Festival, Ireland..

Oct 2005 – Curated the Dublin Underground Music Festival

2005 – Save The Robots (Exhibition) – Irish Arts Council. Performed a live-set

Oct 2003 – Expose festival – Temple Bar Music Center, Dublin, Ireland. Curated the 2nd stage. Performed a DJ set.

Aug 2003 – Jigs & Rigs, Rathlin Island (UK Arts Council) Performed a DJ set.

2003 to 2006 – Technologic @ The Temple Bar Music Center, Dublin, Ireland. Performed live visuals for International dance acts.

Other  Projects

2000 – presentInvisible Agent Records. Label owner, director, curator, A&R. Released 40+ albums by various musicians from around the world on 12″ Vinyl, CD, and Digital downloads. I have curated, and organized several successful events of various sizes.

2006 -> presentAgentCast – A passionate lover of music, Daly has been producing the AgentCast series of podcasts, regularly focusing on creative commons music.

2012 -> 2016 Netlabelism – Championing the exposure of creative commons artists, Warren regularly creates podcasts for Netlabelism (Cologne, Germany)

Nov 2012 to Apr 2014Swagger @ Meta House (German Cambodian Cultural Center). Cambodia’s longest running music and art shows. Consisting of 2 areas. Exposing the best in live painting, ambient soundscapes (area 1) and live digital visuals, and underground music (area 2). Read the interview

Oct 2011 –  TEDx Cambodia. Presented with Cambodian artist Dina Chhan. Showcasing our virtual painting wall utilizing recycled components.

2005 – 2006ICE Invisible Agent Records regular events at the ICE, Dublin, Ireland. Showcasing electronic visuals, art installations, and  live music.

Remixes & Collaborations


Warren Daly & Phillip Wilkerson ambient music river mixes cover

Ambient music and video by Warren Daly. Remixes by Porya Hatami, Cousin Silas

front cover artwork by Troy Campbell created for Warren Daly

WASH triptych recorded in Cambodia cover artwork for spoken word and electronica



jazz afro-cuban lounge and relaxing electronica mix by Warren Daly

Warren Daly ambient music mix podcast

OXI Greece Protest podcast

Tabla drum, Indian, Nepalese, Hindustani Rhythms


Agent Cast 46 by Warren Daly


Warren Daly Agent Cast Episode 44

Ambient Podcast by Warren Daly

Melodica and Bass - Podcast Episode 42 by Warren Daly








Agent Cast - 33 - Cover

Agent Cast - 30 - Cover

Agent Cast - 29 - Cover

Agent Cast - 28 - Cover

Agent Cast - 27 - Cover

Agent Cast - 26 - Cover

Agent Cast - 25 - Cover

Agent Cast - 24 - Cover

Agent Cast - 23 - Cover

Agent Cast - 22 - Cover

Agent Cast - 20 - Cover

Agent Cast - 19 - Cover

Agent Cast - 18 - Cover

Agent Cast - 17 - Cover

Agent Cast - 16 - Cover

Agent Cast - 15 - Cover

Agent Cast - 13 - Cover

Agent Cast - 12 - Cover

Agent Cast - 11 - Cover


Warren Daly Ambient remixes of Phillip Wilkerson Waking Across The River

Ambient space video by Warren Daly Ambient composer and musician

Ambient music and video by Warren Daly. Remixes by Porya Hatami, Cousin Silas

Ambient music spoken word poetry by Warren Daly and Scott Bywater. Meta House, Phnom Penh, Cambodia