Episode 027 – A fresh selection of Netlabel tracks by Warren Daly

  1. Bryn Thomas – Feel For Bumps Then Grind – Cut
  2. Ghost Kid – Zoned Out in the Martian Lab – BFW
  3. Pyotr- One Last Look At The Past – BFW
  4. DADUB – dub on struggle – A Quiet Bump
  5. Phillip Wilkerson – Saturday – Bandcamp
  6. Ketsa – Patriated – Ketsa
  7. Elypixa – Remembrance hip hop – BFW
  8. DML – Fin (Suedmilch Remix) – Gruenfeld
  9. One D & Edrian Sailing – Growing shadows – Cicutanet label
  10. Sephirot – When the Neon is Flashing – Planet Rec
  11. Lowbard – cold days – Bleep Sequence
  12. BingSatellites – Electricity – BFW
  13. Bryn Thomas – Chatter – Cut
  14. The dwindlers – RoyalSuitors – FeedbackLoop


Brilliant new netlabels and very talented artists

Check out some fresh Netlabel goodness in this 14 track, 1 hour mix of bass heavy Dub, glitched out Electronica, Jazz and Hip Hop influenced breakbeat.

Excursions in to electronica

I was busy with various other projects in October. TEDx was the main focus of my attention, so I took some time off to reflect and build on my next live electronics project, hence the delay in getting this mix out in October. During this time I discovered some brilliant new Netlabels and very talented artists. Sweeping from Breakbeat, Ambient, minimal Techno and some more Jazz influenced gems.

Cut Records go from strength to strength with Bryn Thomas’s excellence ‘Feel for bumps’ EP.  Once again we’re treated to the fantastic talents of Ghost Kid and his  intriguing and well executed Electronica. Some conscious dub from the talented Dadub, all their tracks are phenomenal. Phillip Wilkerson winds things down with some washed out soundscapes, a kind of intermission before Ketsa has you feeling a little melancholic, during this time you should take a moment to reflect on the sheer quality of Netlabel and Creative Commons music. DML features in yet another mix of mine, I really wish I heard more from DML and of course the Grunfield netlabel, quality minimal Techno and Tech rollers. I await the next moves from all of these Netlabels.

Please remember, very talented musicians want you to enjoy their fantastic music, please share the love and check out each artist at their website below and give them the support they deserve. All the tracks are Netaudio and Creative commons. Happy listening.

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