Enter Cobalt by Warren Daly

Ambient music and video by Warren Daly. Remixes by Porya Hatami, Cousin Silas

1. Enter Cobalt

2. Enter Cobalt – Porya Hatami Remix

3. Infinite Curvature

4. Infinite Curvature – Cousin Silas Remix

5. Waiting for Yarra

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Ambient EP with remixes by Porya Hatami, and Cousin Silas

Experimental Ambient music by Warren Daly, influenced by humankind’s desire for exploration. Warren composed 3 experimental ambient tracks, using found sounds, drones, and field recordings. His works are presented as short-form compositions ranging from 3 to 6 minutes in length. A remix of Enter Cobalt was created by the talented Porya Hatami, an experimental sound artist based in Sanandaj, Iran. A remix of Infinite Curvature was fashioned by musician Cousin Silas (aka David Hughes) in the UK.

The magnitude of the unexplored is my inspiration – Warren Daly

Ambient Music Video by Warren Daly

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