underground music in Phnom Penh Cambodia Warren Daly live at Doors Cambodia

Echoes And Dust Interview: Warren Daly

All my creations are theme based, they all have a solid concept before I play a chord, shoot a photo, or compose a video. I always visualize in my mind with colours and sounds before I begin my journey. Each of my projects feeds into the next

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Warren Daly – Spiralling Continuum – Review on Echoes & Dust

Chad Murray from Echoes & Dust recently reviewed the latest EP by Warren Daly on We Are All Ghosts

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Ebauche adrift is listed as one of the ambient albums of 2015 by Ambient Music Guide

Ambient Music Guide Best Albums of 2015: Reviews of Essential Ambient, Chillout & Downtempo

The ambient album adrift by ebauche is one of the best albums of 2015 as chosen by Ambient Music Guide. Sharing the list are Max Richter, St Germain, Robert Rich, Steve Roach, and Woob to name just a few.

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Ebauche’s beautifully serene ambient album Adrift – Nialler9

Nialler9 reviews a number of music albums. He recommends Adrift by Ebauche.

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Ebauche album Adrift featured on Ambient Blog / Peter van Cooten

Lush drones underpin layers of intricate details, a minutiae of sonic touches which rise to the surface and drift away again, moving the listener through the soundscape in an almost hypnotic way.

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Ebauche to play live at MPM Ambient Festival – Gorlice Poland

Ebacuhe is confirmed to play live at the Ambient Festival 2015, Gorlice, Poland. The 2014 festival featured performances by some of the greatest experimental musicians from around the globe.

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Ebauche Adrift CD Digipack

Headphonaught reviews the new ambient album from Ebauche, and he loves it.

This is the music I love to come home to: the perfect combination of the familiar and the new, lovingly crafted and presented without pretension or artifice.

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Audio Mainline Music Release Soma on Invisible Agent Records

This is a truly magical EP – Headphonaught

“Soma” is reminiscent of the output from San Francisco’s seminal downtempo & house label, Om Records, with its chilled electronics, delicate rhythms and exceptional female vocals.

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Audio Mainline: Soma for the soul

Phnom Penh has a musical dynamic duo that has been flying either under, over, or off the radar for some of you out there for some time now and today we’re going to correct that oversight on your part and shame you out of your abject ignorance.

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Audio Mainline Music Release Soma on Invisible Agent Records

Milk Magazine review Soma by Audio Mainline

Soma epitomises all of the positive qualities implied by both its namesakes, with none of the negative side effects. At once pacifying and stimulating, Soma is an altogether entrancing experience that delivers much more than an injection of ephemeral bliss.

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All Edinburgh Theatre review Viewmaster

ViewMaster at Summerhall is a gem of a show that has the ability to cleanse the most jaded of palates.

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Does size matter? Guardian Reviews Viewmaster

Or the magical, lo-fi Viewmaster, Ryan Van Winkle and Dan Gorman’s tiny poetic slideshow at Summerhall that takes you to the banks of the Nile or the tulip fields of Holland – or further – in under 15 minutes. Small can be very beautiful.

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Mumble Words reviews Viewmaster

A short but sweet private transcendental fifteen minutes…

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Edinburgh Festival Reviews Viewmaster

Intimate and charming poetry and music journey away from the bustle of the Fringe

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Exeunt Magazine reviews ViewMaster

It’s a strangely calming experience…. You leave reminded that who you are is often where you’ve been.

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BBC review of Viewmaster

BBC Reviews “Viewmaster” by Ryan Van Winkle and Dan Gorman

It’s an impressively immersive experience for such a low-tech approach. And it’s a performance I take part in.

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