Episode 035 – Dub Bassline by Warren Daly

  1. Warren Daly – unnamed souls – Invisible Agent Records
  2. Al-B – La Deuda Eterna – Static Disco
  3. DML – fluid – Grünfeld
  4. Mr. Bitterness – beat down – Bandcamp
  5. Richard Savani – Loveless (Original Mix) –  BPM:120
  6. toaster – i think everyone is gone – Invisible Agent Records
  7. unknown – unknown (I’m working on finding out…)
  8. B-Mus – ocean ground (zzzzra remix) – sublimeporte
  9. Warren Daly – ocean – Invisible Agent Records
  10. Sb-six – only you – IDMForums Netlabel
  11. random walker – radio arctic – Deep In Dub
  12. Jiggawatt – circus of mind – IDMForums Netlabel
  13. paranerd – slumber lovers – one


I’ll keep it short, a bit like the mix. I glide through 13 tracks in 40 minutes. I’m about to give up on classifying my mixes, since I’ve been overusing the terms ‘electronica’ and ‘ambient’ over the past 3 years.

This mix contains some glitch, dubby techno, electronica, dubstep… what do they all have in common. Bassline.

Enjoy the mix and please leave comments below.

Big thanks to Basil for his amazing photo – more beautiful photography can be found on his website skanvas.basdriver.nl


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