Episode 023 – Chillout & Ambient Mix by Warren Daly

  1. Ambienteer – modus – Ambienteer
  2. 2% – Neaps- Archaichorizon
  3. Frequent Sync – Navigation Center 1 – Earth Mantra
  4. Ambienteer – elongation – Ambienteer
  5. Savaran – The forest – Feedbackloop
  6. Lucette Bourdin and Darrell Burgan – Okas – Earth Mantra
  7. Savaran – Techtonic – Feedbackloop
  8. Aless – Im Mobile – Distance Recordings
  9. Ambienteer – sonant – Ambienteer


interpretations of distant lights, twisted, stretched and compressed by space-time

My latest ambient mix features incredibly beautiful soundscapes created by extremely talented musicians and artists. I capture their interpretations of distant lights, twisted, stretched and compressed by space-time.

I blend their layers of interstellar resonances reflected off closer celestial bodies that tumble gently towards the horizon. Chill out, relax and enjoy….

All the tracks are Netaudio and Creative commons. Please share it with all your friends. If you like what you hear, check out the artists at their Netlabel homes in the tracklist.

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