Episode 045 – A Bass Odyssey AgentCast by Warren Daly

  1. Projection By Ketsa – Invisible Agent Records
  2. Vooodooo Feat. Reddog E Boombuzz By Voodoo Tapes
  3. Venus Underwater By Adapt
  4. Bell Mountain By Xtrngr
  5. Dry By Rain Dog
  6. Keep On Struggle By Dadub
  7. Light At The End Of The Tunnel By Great Skies
  8. Haku By Cokiyu
  9. Jiggawatt By Circus Of Mind
  10. I Got You By Hazy Memories
  11. I Blame The Weathers By The Northern Hemisphere – Invisible Agent Records
  12. Only You By Sb-Six
  13. Outside Of You By Roughquest
  14. Stardome By Stellardrone
  15. Altitude Control System By No Sync – Invisible Agent Records


Could this be the best of 2012?

I compiled a list of my favorite tracks from the past year or so. It took me a few weeks and I managed to select 80 in total, ranging from Ambient, Bass, to Electronica.

The task of mixing them together exposed a particular conundrum, was I allowed to utilize tracks from 2011? Surely I could be flexible, especially if they complemented my selection and made the mix flow better? Since I used a handful of tracks from previous years, I’ve not given the mix an official title of ‘Best of 2012′ but you get the idea. I hope you enjoy the mix.

Thank you to Basil for another fantastic photograph. View more of his photos here.


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