Episode 022 – Netlabel Techno by Warren Daly

  1. Makkadessia – Moonou (Original)
  2. Storion – fractions – Bleep Sequence
  3. Deto And Gleam – Chrono (Wasted Time) Digital Diamonds
  4. Himan – Empire of the Sun – broque
  5. New Delhi Fm – Passengers Along Heroin Charities
  6. Alberto Santizzo – groovielaugh – unfoundsound
  7. Giggs – Caminata (Original)
  8. Pablo Denegri – versteck – unfoundsound
  9. Juan Farcik – irritante drugstore rmx – Bleep Sequence
  10. Frank Biedermann – Rumble The Bumble
  11. GabeeN – Kontakt – Wave
  12. DML – Fin Remix- Gruenfeld


Funky 4/4, deep bass and spaced out highs

Another top notch Netlabel DJ mix from Warren Daly. Blending the finest funky 4/4, deep bass and spaced out highs all wrapped up in a smooth 1 hour mix.

Remember, all the tracks are Netaudio and Creative commons. So be sure to share it with all your friends. If you like what you hear, check out the artists at their Netlabel homes below.

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