Episode 012 – Ambient Downtempo Mix by Warren Daly

  1. Arovane – tomorrow morning – TowerBlock
  2. Modeselektor – em ocean – BPitch Control
  3. Mum – winter (what we never were after all) –  Fatcat
  4. Corrugated Tunnel – Careful what you wish for (string reprise) – Invisible Agent Records
  5. Robert Rich – Vertigo –  Soundscape/Robert Rich
  6. Jean Michel Jarre – Oxegene pt 1 – Dreyfus
  7. Steve Roach – The memory – Projekt
  8. Xela – In Deo Salutari Meo
  9. William Basinski – dip 1.1 – 2062
  10. Lull – slow fall inward – Subharmonic
  11. Radicalfashion – suna – Hefty
  12. Pete Namlock & Klaus Schulze – set the controls for the heart of the mother (Part 3)
  13. Steve Roach – arrival – Projekt


The latest AgentCast from Warren Daly is a smooth blend of minimal electronic textures and floating ambient soundscapes.

It includes delicate melodies and singing reverberations from Arovane, Japanese composer Hirohito Ihara (a.k.a Radicalfashion), Pete Namlock and Robert Rich to name just a few.

Warren generally concentrates on mixing Electro and Techno but in this mixdown he covers many distinctive and elegant styles of Electronica and awakens a multitude of emotions, highlighting his diverse and innovative abilities. Repeated listening is sure to alleviate any fears of Denje.


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