Episode 016 – Ruff in the Jungle by Warren Daly

  1. Noisia – Conscience
  2. Mark C – The event horizon
  3. Breakage – Rebel Creation (Original mix)
  4. Mr Dubz – Time 2 Evolve (Original mix)
  5. Scorpio – Li Li
  6. Ed Solo & Bengal – Hi Flier
  7. Jagged Edge – Rock Baby
  8. Ed Rush & Optical – Titanium
  9. Noisia – Shellshock (featuring Foreign Beggars)
  10. Tabla Beat Science – Ap Ke Baras (Live in San Francisco)
  11. Ascension – Ascension
  12. DJ Marky – LK
  13. Dynamic Duo – Rolling Number (VIP mix)
  14. Cabbie – This sound
  15. Ed Rush & Optical – Chubrub


Crank up the volume on this!

I get back to the underground with this rougher, tougher earth-shaking mix. It’s straight up ‘ruffneck business and ting’ for a solid hour.

I swing it from old school Jungle Techno, Amen heavy Drum & Bass to Hindustani and Asian Underground.

I used the free, open source DJ software MiXXX on Linux. If you want a roller coaster ride featuring fast & furious breakbeat spanning back as far as 1990 get downloading now.

Crank up the volume on this!  You’ll be quaking in your boots before Noisia’s Shellshock featuring Foreign beggars slaps you in the face, mesmerized by Zakir Hussain and Bill Laswell a.k.a Tabla Beat Science live in San Francisco.

Later you’ll be whistling along to DJ Marky and bouncing to the head strong output of Ed Rush & Optical. Watch your bassbins!


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