Episode 034 – Ambient Soundscapes by Warren Daly

Sleep inducing podcast

Dedicated to the insomniacs, restless sleepers, and the sleep lovers of the world. This podcast was mixed at my home studio ‘on the fly’ and induced sleep to 100% of the audience. (Okay,there was only 2 people listening, but none the less it sounds impressive and the results speak for themselves).

It’s a one hour chilled-out podcast featuring music from a range of talented artists signed to the best netlabels in the world.

Recommendations & shares

A recent share on Twitter by @vuzhmusic allowed me to discover the AudioTong Netlabel and the layered and distorted guitar loops by Zubik. Darren Harper never ceases to amaze me, he captures so much light and positive energy in his production. As always I included more releases from BFW Recordings and FeedBackLoop, they truly are connoisseurs of fine music. Don’t forget about Ambienteer who has recently launched his 30th album, congratulations again James. The new Future Sequence compilation entitled Sequence3 is amazing and will most certainly feature heavily in my future mixes, another noteworthy Netlabel. Last but not least, Drew Miller a.k.a The Northern Hemisphere helps me fade out of the mix. I am looking forward to including tracks from his (5th) upcoming album. Exciting times. Enjoy the mix and be sure to leave a comment below. Thank to Alex Leonard for his fantastic photo for the cover artwork.

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