Episode 028 – The Best Netlabel Soundscapes by Warren Daly

  1. Will My Memories Of You Hold True –  Darren Harper
  2. Small Leaf – Epileptic Dog Production
  3. Muted Attack, Thinly Veiled – Cinchel
  4. Realise – Bing Satellites
  5. Variation 4 – Nobuto Suda
  6. Go To Sleep – Dustmotes
  7. Polaroids In The Park – Darren Harper
  8. Interspersed – Ambienteer
  9. Subconscious11 – Elypixa
  10. Foxfire – Electricwest
  11. Soothing Image 02 – Bingsatellites
  12. Moonfall – Ambienteer
  13. Introspection – Earlyguard
  14. Mapleleaf – Bingsatellites
  15. Furthermores And Farewells Ambienteer_Mix – Atlastop (Ambienteered)
  16. The Night Is Over – Ambienteer


101 minutes of the best ambient, drone and soundscapes

What happens when you blend Ambienteer, Bing Satellites, Cinchel, Darren Harper, Dustmosts, Elypixa, Earlyguard, Electricwest, Epileptic Dog Production and Nobuto Sudo? 101 minutes of the best ambient, drone and soundscapes you will ever treat your ears to.

Some of the mixing is several minutes long, others are straight and short transitions. I hope you enjoy it.

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