Episode 033 – Ambient by Warren Daly

  1. Scoddy – a dog tries to dance – Invisible Agent Afflatus
  2. Bing Satellites – Soothing Image 47 – Bing Satellites
  3. Ambienteer – nodar (extended version) – Ambienteer 
  4. i8u – apophis – Dragons Eye Records
  5. The Northern Hemisphere – Glacier Harbor (and the way it sings) – Invisible Agent
  6. Warren Daly – The secrets of meditation – Invisible Agent Afflatus
  7. Scoddy – a dog tries to dance – Invisible Agent Afflatus
  8. Cinchel – fire.fly.flash.flood – FeedbackLoop
  9. Yann Novak – A Broken Field II – Dragons Eye Records
  10. Mick Chillage – Countdown to disaster – Bandcamp
  11. Ambienteer – collection of strange victories – Bandcamp / Ambienteer
  12. Toaster – Are you going to kiss me – Invisible Agent
  13. Dalot – Haiku 10 – Bandcamp / Dalot
  14. Spectra Ciera – Underpass – Feedbackloop
  15. Ambienteer – ecclesia – Bandcamp / Ambienteer 
  16. Bing Satellites – Soothing Image 42 – Bing Satellites
  17. The Northern Hemisphere – Planets, and How They Formed Our Lives – Invisible Agent


I thoroughly enjoyed blending these amazing ambient tracks. So much talent and so many excellent Netlabels.

Big shout out to Ambienteer, FeedbackLoop, Bing Satellites, and all the Invisible Agent Afflatus contributors. New finds include Dragons Eye Records and Dalot. Enjoy the mix.

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