Episode 019 – Electronica Mix by Warren Daly

  1. EFTB – Colours (Leon Somov Remix) – aaahh records
  2. A-Force – Donga – Alphabet Set
  3. Frank Molder – Come with me (DML’s Dub City Rmx) – Grünfeld
  4. Christoph Schindling – Expressions – Tropic
  5. DML – BNT-4 (Remix) – Grünfeld
  6. Raymundo Mendoza – Reaching – unfoundsound
  7. Waveform – Atmospheric Trip – Random Access Recordings
  8. Solar Smoke – The Only Ghost – BFW Recordings
  9. Beem – Happier then the morning fog – Beem
  10. Humeka – Moolid the Lobster – Tropic
  11. Angkorwat – My three beautiful children – Bandcamp
  12. Samwell – Shaobao – Bumpfoot
  13. Denis Shoker – Striped – Random Access Recordings
  14. Ambienteer- View from the 5th
  15. Solar smoke – Berlin – BFW Recordings
  16. Danseizure – Take what you want – Invisible Agent Records
  17. Sing On In Silhouettes – Wake Me With Whispers – 12Rec
  18. Julien Mier – Goodbye you float well – Bumpfoot


1 hour of netaudio bliss in this AgentCast

If you’re following my netlabel tracker you’ll already know I’m constantly on the prowl for high quality music that’s released under Creative Commons. About once a week I share a link and a brief review of bands, producers and record labels who graciously give away their art for free. Be sure to keep up to date by following me on FacebookTwitter or RSS.

There’s been 7000+ downloads of my mixes which vary from Ambient soundscapes, through electronica, IDM to fairly pounding Techno. Hopefully you’ve downloaded all my podcast mixes. If not, you can download them here.

I’m kicking off 2011 with an all Netlabel mix! Yes, that’s right folks, 1 hour of netaudio bliss in this AgentCast. I can assure you, every beautiful piece of music in this mix is released free and is as high (or higher) quality as any commercial releases. If you don’t believe me, download the mix and have a listen. If you’re new to Netaudio, you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

Please support these artists by attending their gigs, sharing links to their music and if you can, make a donation to help them continue. Enjoy the wonderful music and thanks again for listening. Please share this page with your friends :)


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