Episode 025 – Meditation or Contemplation by Warren Daly

  1. Frequent Sync – GardenLevel2 – Coalesce EP – Earth Mantra
  2. Tange & Bing Satellites – Cathedral Of Trees – A Crossing Of Paths Album – BFW Recordings
  3. Earlyguard – Zen 1 – 禅 Zen – Earlyguard
  4. Ambienteer – Elongation
  5. Bing Satellites – Music for Horns No.1 in G Major – Summers night – BFW Recordings


Do you like ambient drones and experimental soundscapes?

Over the past few months I’ve come across a number of extended ambient and experimental tracks. I purposely kept an ear out for prolonged tracks, and I’ve blended a handful of these discoveries together in this 2 hour excursion of dulcet tones.

Let the masters Darren Harper and Jacob Newman, Bing Satellites, James Fahy, Earlyguard, and Tange immerse you in ambient modulations, dreamy aural vistas and meditative vibrations. Highly suitable for reflection or contemplation, or anytime really. I hope you enjoy the mix.

All the tracks are Netaudio and Creative commons. These very talented muscians want you to enjoy their fantastic music, please share the love. Please check out each artist at their Netlabel website below and give them the support they deserve.

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