Warren Daly


Warren owns and manages Invisible Agent Records. With a background in pirate radio, festivals, and clubs, Warren Daly began to create and perform his own music and live visuals as the curtain closed on the last millennium. His experience in the Irish music scene led him to co-found record label Invisible Agent, releasing its first 12″ vinyl in 2004 before making the move to an internationally-focused label which he now runs from  South East Asia.

The disparate sounds of Ireland, South Africa and Cambodia serve as living inspiration for Daly, and while Invisible Agent continues to showcase a cavalcade of emerging talent, his eclectic approach to electronica has propelled him into the studio and out onto the stage with a series of remixes and releases under this own name, described by DJ Mag as “jaw-droppingly beautiful arrangements [with] glistening melodies accompanied by languid breaks”.

Warren is a member of WASH, a spoken word/electronica collaborative project between Warren Daly, Alex Leonard, Scott Bywater and Hal FX established in the first half of 2013. They are currently working on their 2nd album.

A passionate lover of music, Daly has been producing the AgentCast series of podcasts since 2006, highlighting the best music from the world of netlabels, and now curates the monthly podcast for Netlabelism magazine


WASH triptych recorded in Cambodia cover artwork for spoken word and electronica



OXI Greece Protest podcast

Tabla drum, Indian, Nepalese, Hindustani Rhythms


Agent Cast 46 by Warren Daly


Warren Daly Agent Cast Episode 44

Ambient Podcast by Warren Daly

Melodica and Bass - Podcast Episode 42 by Warren Daly








Agent Cast - 33 - Cover

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