Driven By Machines - Chad Murray - A Stillness that moves

A Stillness That Moves by Driven By Machines

‘A Stillness That Moves’ is the second EP from Driven By Machines

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Invisible Agent Podcast 65 laid back techno and alternative music

Whatever, whatever, have a nice day – AgentCast Episode 65 by Daragh Thomas

Daragh Thomas returns to the fold after 15 years with a laidback electronica & techno mix

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Warren Daly Ambient remixes of Phillip Wilkerson Waking Across The River

Warren Daly & Phillip Wilkerson – Kiss Her Once For Me – River Mixes by Warren Daly

Warren Daly’s stunning video entitled ‘Kiss Her Once For Me’ as part of his interpretations of Phillip Wilkerson’s compositions Waking Across the River

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Warren Daly & Phillip Wilkerson ambient music river mixes cover

River Mixes by Warren Daly

Warren Daly interprets compositions from Phillip Wilkerson’s original works ‘Waking Across the River’

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ebauche electronic DJ mix Phnom Penh Cambodia

Electronic Mix at Swagger – Episode 64 by Ebauche

Just shy of 5 hours, this is a recording of an Ebauche DJ set at the chillout zone of Swagger, Meta House, Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

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Alan Ritchie Phnom Penh underground music DJ parties cambodia

Alan Ritchie – InterStella lounge music for futuristic bars

A 90 min mix of laid back electronica and soundscapes by the talented Alan Ritchie. Some big hitters such as Aphex Twin, Boards of Canada, FSOL UR, Kenny Larkin, and our very own Warren Daly.

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ebauche album muciliage biospy remastered album cover artwork

Mucilage Biopsy by Ebauche

Weird synths build into walls of sound and fall away into a breathtaking panorama of auditory hallucinations

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Warren Daly features on Sacred Spaces project by Cities & Memory

Warren Daly features on Sacred Spaces by Cities and Memory

This album compiles some of the highlights from the Cities and Memory Sacred Spaces project, and we’re happy that Warren Daly was included in the selection.

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Warren Daly features on Cities & Memory Sounds of 2016 compilation found sounds and reimagined creations

Warren Daly features on Sounds of the Year 2016 by Cities and Memory

Travelling across the world from Cambodia and Iceland to Italy and Finland, here are twelve reimagined places, creating a reimagined sound world using field recordings as source material.

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Warren Daly Remix Driven By Machines Chad Murray Angerona remix collection

Angerona Remix Collection by Driven By Machines

Invisible Agent artists Warren Daly, and Audio Mainline produced remixes for a new remix collection by Driven By Machines.

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Warren Daly - Sacred Spaces is a project to reimagine the sounds of churches, temples, mosques and other spaces, examining the role sound plays in our spiritual lives.

Warren Daly contributes to Sacred Spaces project – Cities & Memories

Warren Daly contributes to the Sacred Spaces project by Cities & Memories.

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Audio Mainline Hal FX Music Podcast electronic beats and bass

Electronic Chromosome – Agentcast Episode 63 by Audio Mainline

The 3rd mix from Audio Mainline is a departure from the previous eclectic mixes featuring 1950’s radio and cult 1960’s TV.

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underground music in Phnom Penh Cambodia Warren Daly live at Doors Cambodia

Echoes And Dust Interview: Warren Daly

All my creations are theme based, they all have a solid concept before I play a chord, shoot a photo, or compose a video. I always visualize in my mind with colours and sounds before I begin my journey. Each of my projects feeds into the next

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Warren Daly – Spiralling Continuum – Review on Echoes & Dust

Chad Murray from Echoes & Dust recently reviewed the latest EP by Warren Daly on We Are All Ghosts

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Ambient space video by Warren Daly Ambient composer and musician

Ambient video & EP by Warren Daly

Warren Daly releases a 4 track EP and video on We Are All Ghosts (UK). A luminous concept that evokes a sense of space travel and spatial imagery.

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Ambient space video by Warren Daly Ambient composer and musician

Ambient Space Video by Warren Daly – Spiralling Continuum by Warren Daly

Video by Warren Daly featuring luminous, warm ambient composition by Warren Daly that evoke a sense of space travel, transcendental meditation, and spatial imagery.

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jazz afro-cuban lounge and relaxing electronica mix by Warren Daly

Relaxing in Orbit – Agentcast Episode 62 by Warren Daly

A jazzy laid-back affair mixed by Warren Daly, spans the north Atlantic ocean and beyond

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Ebauche confirmed to play live at Ambient Music Festival – Festiwal Ambientalny Poland

Riding the waves of an acclaimed album launch in 2015, featuring a double 12″ limited edition vinyl, and prints by Polish visual artist Adrianna Snochowska, Ebauche is out of the studio and back on stage on Friday the 2nd of December at Festiwal Ambientalny in Wrocław, Poland

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