High Rise by Corrugated Tunnel

A progressive electro mix of analogue mayhem mixed with deep techno layers. Includes remixes by lmd64 and Chymera. This release is immaculately produced  – 4/5 stars DJ MAG (AUG05)

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6am by vTek

vTek a.k.a Sean Cooper is just at ease with producing cutting edge hard techno (for a multitude of labels such as nightschool, hardline, mask, tombe & audiovoid) then he is at composing intricate melodies and mashed up rythmic beats.

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Icicle by Chymera

A sureplayer….monster track… **** DJ MAG

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002 – Love Rhino – 2BiT – Split Vinyl by Various artists

Split vinyl featuring 2BiT, and Love Rhino

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Cover artwork image for debut release by Ebauche - a..k.a Alex Leanard

Man, This is so Crazy by Ebauche

This first release from Ebauche is a rollercoaster ride through intense and densely woven layers of electronics, dark and fragmented beats, and driving noise. A frenzied journey through a relentless barrage of synthesis, and rhythm. Each track weaves into the next as new layers rise and fall apart before reemerging, distorted and dismantled. It’s an […]

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2BiT & Rachel Dey – Ikeaboy by Various artists

Chunk of electro that equals Drexciya or Radioactiveman..

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