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Episode 001 – Ambient Introduction by Ebauche

Welcome to Invisible Agent’s brand new podcast. To start us off we have a beautiful ambient mix from one of Invisible Agent’s earliest artists – Ebauche.

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Look So Fine by Decal

This 4 track slab of grimey, dancefloor electro is astoundingly well produced, tuff and solid tracks from the master!

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We Are Electronix by Corrugated Tunnel

The long awaited album from Edwin James. He’s played along side: The Hacker, Radioactive Man, Bass Junkie, Abe Duque etc. The biggest act to come out of Ireland in 2006, this release is already ear marked to be massive!  

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Lets not go out with Danseizure by Danseizure

Titled ‘Lets not go out with Danseizure’ this 12 track album is comprised of melodic Electro and ambient sound-scapes. Danseizure aka Dan Gorman lives in Edinburgh and works as an experimental sound researcher and collector. He has recently been working in a dome of an abandoned American military base in Teufelsberg, Germany. He is also […]

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The Shawnee Curse by ikeaboy

A seven track release by ikeaboy, featuring minimal and quirky techno stabs over darker electro. Boasted additional diverse remixes by Corrugated Tunnel, Invisible Agent and Lakker. Boasts the same sense of foreboding and understated dynamics as classic Robert hood material.

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High Rise by Corrugated Tunnel

A progressive electro mix of analogue mayhem mixed with deep techno layers. Includes remixes by lmd64 and Chymera. This release is immaculately produced  – 4/5 stars DJ MAG (AUG05)

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6am by vTek

vTek a.k.a Sean Cooper is just at ease with producing cutting edge hard techno (for a multitude of labels such as nightschool, hardline, mask, tombe & audiovoid) then he is at composing intricate melodies and mashed up rythmic beats.

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Icicle by Chymera

A sureplayer….monster track… **** DJ MAG

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002 – Love Rhino – 2BiT – Split Vinyl by Various artists

Split vinyl featuring 2BiT, and Love Rhino

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Cover artwork image for debut release by Ebauche - a..k.a Alex Leanard

Man, This is so Crazy by Ebauche

This first release from Ebauche is a rollercoaster ride through intense and densely woven layers of electronics, dark and fragmented beats, and driving noise. A frenzied journey through a relentless barrage of synthesis, and rhythm. Each track weaves into the next as new layers rise and fall apart before reemerging, distorted and dismantled. It’s an […]

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2BiT & Rachel Dey – Ikeaboy by Various artists

Chunk of electro that equals Drexciya or Radioactiveman..

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