Echoes And Dust Interview: Warren Daly

All my creations are theme based, they all have a solid concept before I play a chord, shoot a photo, or compose a video. I always visualize in my mind with colours and sounds before I begin my journey. Each of my projects feeds into the next

underground music in Phnom Penh Cambodia Warren Daly live at Doors Cambodia

(((o))): For those who don’t know you, could you tell us a little bit about yourself and your label?

Invisible Agent was created in Ireland in 2000 with a good friend Donard McCabe. At the time there was little or no opportunity for local acts to receive exposure beyond playing local gigs. Initially it was set up solely as a net label to promote talent that had no platform and it evolved naturally into a full record label putting out physical releases and with regular events being organised for local and international acts in venues and at a variety of music and arts festivals.

We’ve had the pleasure to put out début releases for some amazing acts such as Lakker, Swarm Intelligence, Chymera, Ebauche and many more. In recent years I have produced several releases of my own work through the label as well as releasing on some other prestigious labels. I love being creative, through music, visual arts, or any medium that suits a particular project. I do it for the love of art.

(((o))): I noticed that your label distributes downloads, vinyl and prints can you tell us a bit more about the physical platforms and perhaps if there’s a unifying art direction or frequent collaborators that are crucial to the process?

The majority of paintings, prints, and published books are a part of much larger projects, art installations and live shows. It’s important to be unique and varied; I’m nurturing as many mediums as possible while ensuring the quality is maintained. The most recent album, “Adrift” by Ebauche includes paintings and prints by Polish artist Adrianna Snochowska and limited edition lathe cut vinyl, CDs, and digital downloads. Cambodian sculptor and painter Dina Chhan created a series of handmade frames and paintings for Ketsa’s album Al Kemet. Donn Maguire is our resident designer who has worked with us from day one and has created the artwork for many of our releases, event promotions, and website design. He’s amazingly talented and you’ll easily spot the releases he’s been involved in.

The more collaboration the better: sharing and learning from the processes and techniques of other artists using different mediums is critical. Its spurs more creativity, and leads to amazing creations. I’m planning to release more videos, books, prints, and vinyl in 2017 and beyond.

(((o))): How did your new album come to be released with we are all ghosts?

I met Thomas Mathie, the owner of We Are All Ghosts, many years ago on Twitter. He was writing reviews and eventually started his own label. They have an amazing roster of artists and releases, I sent him a promo and we took it from there. Thomas has a great attitude, lots of energy, and it’s a privilege for me to be released on his label.

(((o))): Would you guide us through the process and creative groundwork for the accompanying film?

All my creations are theme based, they all have a solid concept before I play a chord, shoot a photo, or compose a video. I always visualize in my mind with colours and sounds before I begin my journey. Each of my projects feeds into the next, my previous release Enter Cobalt was about exploring the vast unknown, Spiralling Continuum continues on this journey drifting through space and time. Soon to land on a distant planet in a parallel universe, and then….

(((o))): So was the video filmed or created otherwise?

I am an amateur video/photographer, I use KDEN on Linux and Divinci Resolve on Windows to edit etc.. I used loads of stills from ESA/Hubble and added aftereffects layers.

(((o))): How would you personally describe your sound?

I like to think it’s experimental, but it’s probably not. Entertain me.

(((o))): I’d say that’s a fair labelling along with ambient, electronica along with other tags in a similar thread.

(((o))): What gear do you like to use when making music and what was featured on the EP?

I record live violin, hang drums, tro Khmer and create unique instruments using Reaktor, and MaxForLive., I love U-he plug-ins, and all things Novation.
I love to travel, and this allows me to take a lot of surround sound location recordings. You’ll hear slices of audio as hits, longer sections granulated, or entire recordings as backdrops layered with synthesizers.

(((o))): What do you listen to when you want to chill out?

For ensured relaxation I’ll line up Phillip Wilkerson, Loscil, Ebauche, Ambienteer, Hakobune, Leonardo Rosado, Porya Hatami, and any of the ambient releases on Projekt Records.

I love the Hypnagogue podcast and the wonderful down-tempo selections from Renée Blanche on her show Nite Tides on KCUR

I try to explore music from around the world; My most recent selections have included Dub from Ethiopia, Psychedelic from Japan, and recordings of monochord zither from Vietnam.

(((o))): Are the any new artists or perhaps hidden gems you’d like to share with us?

Ambient artists to watch out for; Porya Hatami an experimental sound artist based in IranComposer Phillip Wilkerson  – I recently stumbled on Wilkerson myself, he’s brilliant.

For some new beats, check out Sentinelas by t-woc and his intriguing creative process.

I produced a dub remix of Underwater by Audio Mainline, be sure to enjoy the other remixes and watch the video
For Asian & African electronic, noise and experimental music visiting Syrphe is essential

(((o))): Finally, who would win in a collision between three trillion lions and The Sun (the beloved fireball, not the disgraced tabloid)

Intergalactic sea lions with plasma rockets obviously.


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