Audio Mainline

Hypnotic grooves and cinematic sounds. Audio Mainline is an evolving collaboration under the creative guidance of producer Hal FX. Mixing ambient electronica with warped guitars, location recordings, and silky smooth vocals from guest performers.

The 2015 release of Soma presents a sonic voyage, echoing travels in Asia and featuring the lush tones of UK vocalists Trubble and Ghostdust. Followed by Soma Remixed in 2016. Remixed and re-imagined in the minds and studios of producers from different genres.

Sonic-art, soundtracks, remixes

Originally conceived as a studio production team in 2002 involving Robin File (Audioweb) Andy Rourke (The Smiths) Jon Thorne (Lamb) Karima Francis and Vieka, Audio Mainline continues to produce soundtracks for film, live events, sonic-art installations, remixes and video.


Audio Mainline is an ever-evolving collective led by UK producer Hal FX. Guest musicians on Cinematic Grooves include Audioweb’s Robin File and Tim Natrajan on guitar. Beats, synth and samples from Invisible Agent’s own Warren Daly. And steel hang drums from Roberto Traina.

Audio Mainline music - Soma Remixed

Audio Mainline Music Release Soma on Invisible Agent Records

WASH triptych recorded in Cambodia cover artwork for spoken word and electronica


Audio Mainline Hal FX Music Podcast electronic beats and bass

Audio Mainline - in the mix 2 - Jan 2016 eclectic grooves

Agent Cast - 56 - Cover-a2


Deep bass and a vast spectral atmosphere. Huge #ambient pads and analogue synths accompany a beautiful and haunting Sanskrit mantra.

Animated Video of Soma Universe - Audio Mainline Soma Remixed

Live Music Cambodia. 10th anniversary of Audio Mainline’s debut album Dreams Symphonies and Overtures. We had a bit of a rooftop Soiree in Phnom Penh, Cambodia