Ryan Van Winkle wins Saltire Award 2015

Ryan Van Winkle wins Poetry Book of the Year award

It’s been an top year for artists who contribute to Invisible Agent. The Good Dark by Ryan Van Winkle has won the Saltire Society’s Poetry Book of the Year award.

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Ambient music and video by Warren Daly. Remixes by Porya Hatami, Cousin Silas

Enter Cobalt by Warren Daly

Warren composed 3 experimental ambient compositions, using found sounds, drones, and field recordings. A remix of Enter Cobalt was composed by the talented Porya Hatami, an experimental sound artist based in Sanandaj, Iran. A remix of Infinite Curvature was fashioned by musician Cousin Silas (aka David Hughes).

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Ambient music spoken word poetry by Warren Daly and Scott Bywater. Meta House, Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Ambient Music Video – Warren Daly – Geostationary by Warren Daly

Warren Daly created light, and music for the multi-faceted live performance The Stones Are Awake. Based on an original text by Scott Bywater with a cast of voices.

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front cover artwork by Troy Campbell created for Warren Daly

the stones are awake by Warren Daly

Music composed by Warren Daly, includes excerpts from longer compositions written for the multi-faceted live performance The Stones Are Awake.

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John Mahon aka Thalamus of Alphabet Set

Episode 060 – Love Rhino mixes Thalamus by Love Rhino

Rare, and some unreleased music created by Thalamus (John Mahon from the infamous Alphabet Set) lovingly mixed by Love Rhino.

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Ebauche pkaying liveset at Gorlice, Poland. Using Ableton, Reason, Elecktron Analog Four. Including morphed visuals

Ebauche Live at MPM Ambient Gorlice, Poland by Ebauche

A live recording of Ebauche’s set at MPM Ambient Festival, Gorlice, 2015. The recording is accompanied by the visuals used during the performance. The performance consisted of tracks from an unreleased album, some tracks from my most recent release, Adrift. Including improvised tracks played on an Elektron Analog Four.

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Swallowin the rocks

The stones are awake – collaborative, multi-faceted art performance featuring video sound poetry dance

The stones are awake is an experimental and yet accessible arrangement of art, funneling and combining influences of individuals from different continents and artistic backgrounds, inspired by a desire to collaborate in a spirit of adventure.

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Ebauche’s beautifully serene ambient album Adrift – Nialler9

Nialler9 reviews a number of music albums. He recommends Adrift by Ebauche.

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OXI Greece Protest podcast

Episode 058 – Evidently Oxitown by Warren Daly

Feeling energized by the results of the referendum in Greece, I compiled a mix of some politically charged protest songs; from folk, punk, blues, hip hop, to dub.

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Cousin Silas and Friends volume 4 - featuring Warren Daly

Cousin Silas and Friends | iv

Warren Daly had the pleasure of creating music with Cousin Silas for his latest installment of Cousin Silas and Friends on the We Are All Ghosts label.

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Kirirom by Ebauche

Wonderful visuals created by James Ryan of Station House Media for the track Kirirom by Ebauche

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Ebauche album Adrift featured on Ambient Blog / Peter van Cooten

Lush drones underpin layers of intricate details, a minutiae of sonic touches which rise to the surface and drift away again, moving the listener through the soundscape in an almost hypnotic way.

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Ebauche to play live at MPM Ambient Festival – Gorlice Poland

Ebacuhe is confirmed to play live at the Ambient Festival 2015, Gorlice, Poland. The 2014 festival featured performances by some of the greatest experimental musicians from around the globe.

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Ebauche Adrift CD Digipack

Headphonaught reviews the new ambient album from Ebauche, and he loves it.

This is the music I love to come home to: the perfect combination of the familiar and the new, lovingly crafted and presented without pretension or artifice.

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Adrift by Ebauche

Adrift promises to bring you on a journey into something truly different with tracks charting a journey through time covering half the globe. Blending field recordings with warm electronic tones, Ebauche has sculpted a landscape in which listeners can lose themselves.

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Audio Mainline Music Release Soma on Invisible Agent Records

This is a truly magical EP – Headphonaught

“Soma” is reminiscent of the output from San Francisco’s seminal downtempo & house label, Om Records, with its chilled electronics, delicate rhythms and exceptional female vocals.

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Audio Mainline: Soma for the soul

Phnom Penh has a musical dynamic duo that has been flying either under, over, or off the radar for some of you out there for some time now and today we’re going to correct that oversight on your part and shame you out of your abject ignorance.

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