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Warren Daly had the pleasure of creating music with Cousin Silas for his latest installment of Cousin Silas and Friends on the We Are All Ghosts label. Cousin Silas has cooperated with some of the best artists in the ambient genre over the years. Considering the range of artists, each soundscape is unique to the individual partnership, a product of their pairing, yet each collection is wonderfully cohesive. I guess you could say they all have the Silas touch.

this is the kind of creativity that lives, breathes and makes things happen on the edges of culture – Thomas Mathie (We Are All Ghosts)

About Cousin Silas

Cousin Silas is the stage name of English electronic music artist David Hughes. The name comes from a character in King Crimson’s song, “Happy Family”. He has released over sixty albums on various labels. Between 1990 and 2000 he wrote several short stories, poetry, prose, and articles that were published in small press magazines such as Back Brain Recluse, Nova SF, The Scanner, REM, Nerve Gardens, The Lyre, Auguries and Focus. On 28 January 2004 Cousin Silas made an appearance on BBC Radio 1 played by John Peel. David love his guitars, as of August 2014 there is 41 in his collection.

Tracklisting – Cousin Silas and friends volume 4

All tracks feature Cousin Silas with one (or more) of his friends …
01. Aditya Sharma – Escape in F
02. Headjoint – Dark Skies
03. Jack Hertz – Anxious Times
04. Ade Hodges – Charlie Foxtrot
05. Graham McArthur – 40 Fathoms Down
06. Chris Newman – A Pale Horse
07. Fourth Dimension – Seven Hills
08. Gaetano Fontanazzi – Gaining Altitude
09. Christopher Alvarado – Esoteric Arts
10. Michael Bruckner – Inside The Complex
11. Kevin Lyons & Ade Hodges – More Voices
12. Dawn Tuesday – Dagian
13. Felixdroid – Lost
14. Lutz Thuns – Silent Colours 4 Plus Guitar
15. Black Hill – As The Evening Folds
16. Owann – Ganges
17. Ade Hodges – Watching The Neon Lights In The Street Flicker Across His Hand
18. Jack Hertz – Ascending Dimensions
19. Peter Davidson – The Passage Of Time
20. Kevin Lyons – Divining Spirits
21. Jaime Munariz Ortiz – Moon
22. Warren Daly – Voyager Says Hello
23. Martin Neuhold – Selina’s Dance
24. Ashot Danielyan – Between The Words
25. Scott Lawler – Hiding Place
26. Scott Snee – Raining In Paradise
27. Ian Haygreen – A Lapse Of Memory
28. VictorYibril – Balthazar
29. David Gerard – Incidental Melody
30. Wolfgang Gsell – A Place Of Peace
31. William Spivey – A Day Trip Onboard Hubble
32. Zeebra Mann – God 1
33. Total ET – Beyond The Deep
34. Kevin Lyons – The Dying Skies Of Mars (Rocket Remix)
35. Headjoint – Rain Down On Me
36. Doug Lynner – Silent Sea, Boiling Sky
37. Dawn Tuesday – Civil Dawn
38. Har – The Hidden Star Map
39. Peter Davidson – Vanishing Point
40. musicformessier – Sol
41. Jazzdefector – The Return of Prometheus
42. Kuutana Serenity – Emergence
43. Wolfgang Gsell – Morning Lights
44. Colin Blake – Machine Song
45. Phobos – Dark Matter


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