Adrift by Ebauche

  1. Landed ablution
  2. Cover before nightfall
  3. Kirirom
  4. If you do not trust enough
  5. Focal stop
  6. Ashore
  7. Gonglaing
  8. Resin
  9. The suspension of consciousness
  10. Warmth
  11. An exploratory brain (digital only bonus track)

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Ebauche has sculpted a landscape in which listeners can lose themselves

Four years in the making, Adrift is a rich collection of eleven compositions by Ebauche. The album has been inspired by, and features location recordings from: the other worldly sounds of Kirirom national park and ancient temples of the Angkor Wat, Cambodia; the breathing waters & wild winds of the rugged northern coastline of Ireland; and the dark & ancient forests of the Carpathian mountains in Poland.

Adrift promises to bring you on a journey into something truly different with tracks charting a journey through time covering half the globe. Blending field recordings with warm electronic tones, Ebauche has sculpted a landscape in which listeners can lose themselves. Lush drones underpin layers of intricate details, a minutiae of sonic touches which rise to the surface and drift away again, moving the listener through the soundscape in an almost hypnotic way.

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Polish artist Adrianna Snochowska, immersed in the music, created a stunningly lush oil painting – a fantastic fusion of colours and music. A limited edition series of high-quality Giclee (Fine Art) canvas prints have been made available to accompany the release.

The release has been carefully put together in a variety of formats, from multiple hand made lathe-cut 10″ vinyl, to CDs, to beautiful poster and canvas prints of the original artwork.

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“Kirirom” places you firmly in the wild forests of Cambodia whilst electronics murmur in the background and light Khmer Ching drift in and out of our awareness. “Ashore” brings you to the northern coasts of Ireland, layered ocean waves intermingling with delicate whisperings. “The Suspension of Consciousness” wraps you in an alluring blanket of warm tones and a gentle breeze whilst its ever decreasing tempo lulls the heart rate and enchants the ears. Buy the Limited Edition Vinyl, CD, and Prints or Buy the digital download now on iTunes, Google Play, Amazon,


It's a stunning slow-building swell with a glittering, cascading chord progression that rises from darkness into light, evoking some kind of ecstatic revelation

As featured on the Nialler9 recommended Ambient albums

beautifully serene ambient

The result is a lush journey, covering half the globe.

Adrift is nutritious, layered to perfection, and expertly balanced; feeding the listener's soul with waves of synths.