Episode 060 – Love Rhino mixes Thalamus by Love Rhino

John Mahon aka Thalamus of Alphabet Set


Boing Boom Tschak

Rare, and some unreleased music created by Thalamus (John Mahon from the infamous Alphabet Set) lovingly mixed by Love Rhino.


  1. l’Oiseux Parasseux I: Pianoscape
  2. Beta Bear
  3. Nonsong
  4. Irja
  5. Sedna
  6. Thalamus (A Reinterpretation by Love Rhino)
  7. Alpha Bear
  8. l’OIseuex Parasseux II: Thetascape
  9. alPHabet
  10. January
  11. Gamma Bear
  12. l’Oiseux Parasseux III: Sinescape
  13. Delta Bear
  14. l’Oiseux Parasseux IV: Exitscape
  15. l’Oiseux Parasseux V: Bonuscape


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