New album by WASH: Triptych

A blending of spoken poetry and music in a way you’ve never heard before.

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korg er-1 drum machine

How to use a Korg ElecTribe ER-1 drum machine as a MIDI controller

The Korg Electribe ER1 was released in 1999 as a dedicated electronic drum machine to complement the Korg bass synths.

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WASH triptych recorded in Cambodia cover artwork for spoken word and electronica

Triptych by Various artists

The WASH collaboration is a blending of spoken poetry and music in a way you’ve never heard before. A voice walks through a series of evocative and ever-evolving soundscapes, a mixture of the organic with the electronic: loops and beats, found sounds, liquid guitar lines, synths and drones.

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Phnom Penh Underground - Swagger at Meta House

Phnom Penh Underground: Swagger at Meta House

Live Art, 5 DJs, Visuals, Chillout zone Invisible Agent Records monthly gig at Meta House, Phnom Penh, Cambodia goes from strength to strength. Warren Daly will be playing the chillout area, with live painting by Chhan Dina. The main dance area is being looked after by The Phatt Controller, Salmon Allstar, and Chris Bradbury. Free […]

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Netlabelism Cast 20 – Trip Hop Mix

Trip Hop, Electronica, Bass Music Lush layers of glittering guitars interwoven with reversed loops, piano, synth lines, simple yet very effective. Nisei23’s album entitled elevenandtweleve was improvised entirely on an iPhone. Impressive creations on a single hand-held device and another quality release on the Rec72 Netlabel. A moodier affair by The Get entitled The Darkness […]

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the art of living/water by Chhan Dina and Adrianna Snochowska

WASH: Organic grooves & multi-textured smoothies

A bicycle bell tinkles high above muffled chatter and the distant swoosh of street noise. A single note rings out, slowly reverberating into silence. A second note, lower this time. The pitch drops again, followed by… the rush of wind? The splash of waves, perhaps? A lone voice with sing-song lilt echoes the same tonal […]

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WASH live in Phnom Penh, Cambodia

WASH: Live at Meta House, Phnom Penh

The WASH collaboration comes to Meta House, Phnom Penh, Cambodia

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Swagger at Meta House, Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Swagger @ Meta House – 2 Areas, Live Art, 5 DJs, Visuals

Our monthly showdown in Meta House This Saturday, the 31st of August, we have our usual setup of 2 areas, live painting, visuals, a whole range of DJs, and we have a special guest artist performing live artwork. Come on down, it’s free entry, beer and shots are a dollar. It’s on….

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Warren Daly, Alex Leonard, Scott Bywater, Hal Fx

WASH Live at Doors, Phnom Penh, Cambodia

WASH is a collaborative project fusing poetry and electronic music: taking melodies, riffs, rhythms, basslines and spoken word, throwing them in a blender, and coming up with some kind of funny coloured creative smoothie. We recently played live at Doors, Phnom Penh, Cambodia as part of the VIBE music festival. We’re playing again next month […]

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Doors, Phnom Penh, Cambodia - VIBE MUSIC FESTIVAL

Live Music: Vibe Music Festival Phnom Penh Cambodia

WASH play live at Vibe Music Festival Electronica fuses with guitars and spoken word, WASH features Warren Daly (Invisible Agent) Alex Leonard (Ebauche) Scott Bywater (Author) Hal Fx (Audio Mainline). We will be playing live on the 20th of August at Doors, Phnom Penh. Check out the WASH Facebook page for more updates     […]

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Toaster - Theophany - Invisible Agent Records

Hypnagogue Reviews Theophany by Toaster

Toaster (aka Todd Elliott) tells a story in both song title and sound on his new release, Theophany. In my previous outings with Elliott’s music I often found myself looking for a point of entry, something to hang on to when things went a little far afield for my tastes. I had no such issues with Theophany. Maybe […]

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Todd Elliott Toaster Playing Music Ambient Synth Drones

Toaster, Matt Davignon, Jim Kaiser at the Luggage Store Gallery, San Francisco

Toaster, Matt Davignon, Jim Kaiser play live at the Luggage Store Gallery, San Francisco

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Agent Cast 47 - Ambient Mix at Swagger

Episode 047 – Sublime ambient mix at Swagger by Ebauche

This over four hours long ambient mix by Alex Leonard, aka Ebauche, was recorded at our monthly night, Swagger, in Meta House, Phnom Penh and is most assuredly going to help you unwind.

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Headphonaugh reviews Theophany album by Toaster

Headphonaugh reviews Theophany album by Toaster

I’ll admit Toaster’s “Theophany” was not what I expected. I thought I would hear his rather abstract big-sound, techno-inspired electronica … I didn’t … I don’t. “Theophany” is different because it is more about restraint. His techno-inspired electronic sound is definitely there but in a more relaxed, more ambient setting … and I, for one, […]

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Clubbing Cambodia, Phnom Penh Underground, Invisible Agent Records

Swagger – Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Invisible Agent Records Presents Swagger If you’re in Phnom Penh, Cambodia this Saturday drop in to Meta House for a night of music, dancing, painting, and fun. We now have 2 areas, with even more activities. Diverse Music Area1: Electro, Techno, Breaks with special guest Andy Freak from Eastern Bloc Records UK. Other selectors include […]

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Sleeping Constellations by The Northern Hemisphere

A stunning chill-out, downtempo album by Drew Miller, a.k.a The Northern Hemisphere. Contains 11 beautifully composed tracks with custom photographs by Basil. A custom image per track A HQ custom artwork pack in PDF format 11 stunning tracks…..    

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Agent Cast 46 by Warren Daly

Episode 046 – Beats and Bass AgentCast by Warren Daly

This mix contains a healthy dose of 4/4 kicks but spins out to some more melodic Electronica.

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