Theophany by Toaster

Toaster - Theophany - Invisible Agent Records
  1. From the Coast, We Travelled East
  2. Eventually, We Reached the Desert
  3. We Set Up Camp, and Got Drunk
  4. When We Woke Up, We Realized We Were Lost
  5. Night Fell. We Saw a Light in the Distance, and Walked Towards It
  6. Theophany
  7. We Made it Back to The Coast
  8. We Mourned the Dead, and Drew Comfort from God

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The depth of sound here is excellent, and it’s a very affecting release.

Theophany is different because it is more about restraint. His techno-inspired electronic sound is definitely there but in a more relaxed, more ambient setting … and I, for one, cannot get enough. I’ve always loved Toaster’s work but “Theophany” is now my new favourite release from him –