Sleeping Constellations by The Northern Hemisphere

  1. Waterclocks 03:40
  2. Organ Doner 04:41
  3. Ghost Ship Along The Sunset 05:00
  4. Floating Through Midnight Sky 05:07
  5. You Were With me, Beneath The Cold Stars Above 07:15
  6. A Place Where No Sounds Exist 05:22
  7. This Train Becomes Your Death 06:58
  8. Lost Inside Your Constellation Heart 03:38
  9. White Sky in an Endless Ocean 04:29
  10. (Remedy For Sleep) 04:38
  11. Return to Glacier Harbor (How Much You’ve Changed) 17:55

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A stunning chill-out, downtempo album by Drew Miller, a.k.a The Northern Hemisphere. Contains 11 beautifully composed tracks with custom photographs by Basil.

A custom image per track
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11 stunning tracks…..