We Are Electronix by Corrugated Tunnel

  1. The Bionic Hustle
  2. Frozen Farmhouse Landscapes
  3. Pink Is The New Black
  4. Lost Transmission
  5. West Jam
  6. Chainsmoking Monkey
  7. Rock Stars (feat Michael M)
  8. The Snare
  9. 303 On Thirtyfirst & Fifth
  10. This Is Not A Test
  11. We Are Electronix (Album Six 303s edit)
  12. Adieu
The Bionic Hustle Frozen Farmhouse Landscapes Pink Is The New Black Lost Transmission West Jam Chainsmoking Monkey Rock Stars (feat Michael M) The Snare 303 On Thirtyfirst & Fifth This Is Not A Test We Are Electronix (Album Six 303s edit) Adieu – See more at: http://www.invisibleagent.com/2006/02/22/corrugated-tunnel-we-are-electronix/#sthash.aHKYFWP9.dpuf

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The long awaited album from Edwin James. He’s played along side: The Hacker, Radioactive Man, Bass Junkie, Abe Duque etc.

The biggest act to come out of Ireland in 2006, this release is already ear marked to be massive!