The Shawnee Curse by ikeaboy

  1. Blindfold
  2. The Shawnee Curse
  3. Die to be alive
  4. The Shawnee Curse (Lakker Amen acid mix)
  5. Blindfold (Invisible Agent Infiltrate mix)
  6. Die to be alive (Corrugated Tunnel Acid Mix) – included in free download
  7. MK Ultra

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dancefloor tweakin acid

A seven track release by ikeaboy, featuring  minimal and quirky techno stabs over darker electro. Boasted additional diverse remixes by Corrugated Tunnel, Invisible Agent and Lakker.

Boasts the same sense of foreboding and understated dynamics as classic Robert hood material-  Rated 3.5/5 DJ MAG (January 2006)

Original CD is out of stock – Available in digital download format only