Lets not go out with Danseizure by Danseizure

  1.     Brooks
  2.     fty
  3.     let´s go to bed
  4.     some seek
  5.     pitfall melody
  6.     happyness
  7.     a man in a hat
  8.     wallflowers
  9.     hamburger
  10.     bic hop
  11.     coffin
  12.     x data

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melodic Electro and ambient sound-scapes

Titled ‘Lets not go out with Danseizure’ this 12 track album is comprised of melodic Electro and ambient sound-scapes.

Danseizure aka Dan Gorman lives in Edinburgh and works as an experimental sound researcher and collector. He has recently been working in a dome of an abandoned American military base in Teufelsberg, Germany. He is also performing in the up coming “Green man festival” in Wales this August.

This is the second album Dan has produced for Invisible Agent and once again it is available for free download.