Brethren by Toaster

Toaster - Brethren - IVA1401
  1. Until I am Awake
  2. Igon Spengler
  3. Brethren
  4. Vilify Season
  5. Dracula Clock
  6. Point Judith
  7. Low Light
  8. Block
  9. The Second 80’s Horror Film Theme
  10. Leisel
  11. A Vexed Interpretation
  12. Catsup and Salt
  13. Ophanim (brethren mix)

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7" lathe cut vinyl, handcrafted covers

After a number of drone releases and more conceptual records, Brethren was born out of a number of jams with Daniel Couri, who plays bass for the stoner rock outfit One Eyed King.

On the tracks he doesn’t play on, I tried to keep that spirit alive; playing whatever came to mind, recording everything, and keeping the good stuff. I had a lot of fun making this record, and I hope you can hear some of that in the music – Todd Elliott

7″ Vinyl

A 7″ single of the song ‘Dracula Clock’ backed with an exclusive to vinyl track ‘Overdawned’. Each lathe cut comes in a hand painted unique cover by Dina Chhan. You will also get a complete download of the album “Brethren” with your purchase of the 7″. Buy the vinyl now