Metanoia Vol. 1 by ikeaboy

  1. Palletscrap
  2. Bypass Nass Bass
  3. Yellow Metal (Warren Daly Remix)
  4. Yellow Metal
  5. Cave Man Dub
  6. Cave Man Dub (Sir Real Remix)

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powerful electro bass with a dash of dubstep

ikeaboy-Damian-Tubbritt-review-in-DJ-mag-Electro-bassFollowing Decal’s EP earlier this year on Invisible Agent, Ikeaboy drops an EP that covers underground electro’s many sounds. Apart from the ambient intro ‘flashdead’, there’s the tight, bleepy breaks of ‘Palletscrap’ and the Detroit chords of ‘Bypass Naas Bass’. Ikeaboy also has a fondness for craniun-splitting basslines and the malevolent, lunging bass of ‘Yellow Metal’, as well as Warren Daly’s ominous version of the same track, is the stuff that the worst nightmares are made of.  – DJ Mag, rated 4/5 Stars


Damian Tubbritt aka Ikeaboy has been threatening to do a record like this for a long time. While his appetite for powerful electro bass in previous outings has been clear, this time he has set the record straight beyond any doubt. Including a ghoulish, dub shaking remix from Sir Real and a sinister dancefloor interpretation from label boss Warren Daly, it’s the weird jerking feel of ghetto paced tracks like “Pallet Scrap” and “Yellow Metal”, that make this a secret weapon for bass freaks everywhere. An Irish release that deserves your attention, this is storming stuff. – Slick DJ, rated 8/10 Stars