Ebauche to release new ambient album

I’m truly excited about this amazing collection of lush ambient music, entitled Adrift. I’m also delighted to announce this beautiful music by Ebauche will be made available on unique limited edition lathe cut records, CDs, and HQ digital download, all accompanied by stunning artwork created by Polish painter Adrianna Snochowska.

Layers of highly detailed music and fine brush work

Enjoy wonderful artwork that was created during the shaping of the album. Oil paints were meticulously layered in this fantastic fusion of colours, a combination of music and paint that forms a stunning collection to help you relax, and escape from day to day life.

Adrift - Album by Ebauche - Painting by Adrianna Snochowska

Ebauche is ambient

Adrift encompass life in beautiful south east Asia, to the coastal wilds of Ireland, to the serene Carpathian mountains in southern Poland. A journey into something truly different. Beautiful soundscapes have always been Alex’s passion. Judging by the teaser track, I know we’re all in for something spectacular.

Pre order today – enjoy forever

You will be helping to support an independent artist who pours a lot of love into each track he creates. Buy yourself a new years present you can enjoy forever. Learn more and order now over on the Ebauche campaign page.


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  1. […] The album will be released in late February or March of this year, and is coming out on Invisible Agent records. They’ve written up some lovely words about the upcoming release too! […]

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