Soma Remixed by Audio Mainline

Audio Mainline music - Soma Remixed

1. Soma Remix (Bare Wit)
2. Elements Remix (Audio Mainline)
3. Evolving Casa Negra Mix (Robin File)
4. Struggle (Si-o Mix)
5. Planet Sun (Ketsa Remix)
6. Underwater Dubmix (Warren Daly)
7. Soma Universe

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Soma Remixed and Re-imagined

7 Remixes – Silky smooth vocals, techno infused funk groove, deep bass and vast spectral atmospheres, sublime electronica, and spaced out dub. Available on iTunes, Google Play, Bandcamp, Juno, Amazon, Spotify, Tidal and other great digital stores.

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Following the hypnotic and otherworldly grooves of Audio Mainline’s 2015 EP Soma. Soma Remixed takes us on a newly evolved sonic experience reworked in the imagination of producers from neighboring genres.

SOMA is remixed by emerging talent, Bare Wit. A huge landscape of sound resplendent with warm analogue beats, morphing into a techno infused funk groove. In its own way, a nod to the Berlin electro scene.

ELEMENTS Remix is an alternative offering from Audio Mainline. The groove is more immediate than its predecessor, the rhythms near tribal. Silky smooth vocals perfectly delivered by UK female vocalist Trubble. Featuring a sleek reworking of the 3D animated video on:

EVOLVING Casa Negra Mix by Robin File, encapsulates the perfect cinema soundtrack. With its deep bass and vast spectral atmosphere. Huge ambient pads and analogue synths accompany the haunting female mantra. Robin is known from Audioweb and session guitarist for Badly Drawn Boy/Finley Quaye/Congo Natty.

STRUGGLE is an unexpected gem, as the only track not to have been featured on the original EP. Featuring guest vocals from Bronny. Remixed by ambient artist Mark Gray, aka Si-o. Sublime electronica, exquisitely arranged for late night radio play.

PLANET SUN is eloquently delivered by the prolific London based Ketsa. A jazzy approach with bright rhythms and liquid guitars. Ketsa has released over a dozen well-received albums over the last eight years for a variety of labels.

UNDERWATER Dubmix by Warren Daly, is a dark and brooding visitation lifted by ethereal vocals, morphing ambiance and a pulsating dub bass. Warren is both music producer and record label owner, with several recent releases and a strong background in exposing new and unique artists.

SOMA UNIVERSE. The natural conclusion. An epic audio collage, sampling every track from the Soma EP. Cementing Audio Mainline’s reputation for developing otherworldly cinematic experiences.

Worldwide release on  Invisible Agent Records – 15th February 2016.  For press, promo, or  licensing information please contact promo AT

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