Episode 056 – Audio Mainline by Audio Mainline

  1. Janelle Monáe – 57821
  2. Pink Floyd – Cluster One
  3. JS Bach – Suite No2 for Cello
  4. Nautilis – Why it got to be so damn tough
  5. Burial – Forgive
  6. Peggy Lee – The Man I Love
  7. Ray Charles – Eleanor Rigby
  8. RJD2 – Making Days Longer
  9. Ravi Shankar and George Harrison – Prabujee
  10. Trentemøller – Take Me Into Your Skin
  11. Herbie Mann – Violet Don’t Be Blue
  12. Groove Armada – Remember
  13. The Insane Warrior – Saint Ignatius Belsse
  14. The Velvet Underground – Candy Says
  15. Squarepusher – Square Window
  16. Ketsa – Projection
  17. RJD2 – Suite No2
  18. Slowdive – Rutti
  19. Jamie Lidell – Multiply
  20. Emiliana Torrini – Elísabet
  21. Fat Freddy’s Drop – The Raft
  22. Bersarin Quartett – Oktober
  23. Chet Baker, John Barry, Chris Botti – Remembering Chet 2


Adventures in dimension X

Two radio broadcasts from the 1950’s and 23 tracks spanning six decades – mixed in under 40 minutes. Lazy jazz, swooning strings, ambient vibes, dub, electronica and old radio stories.

It’s a varied mix of periods and styles. But I think no matter what genre is playing, they all have something quite smooth and dreamlike in common…at least in my mind. I’m hoping to introduce new sounds to people who might not otherwise check this kind of stuff out, whilst re-introducing familiar tracks to others, in a new context.

I also chose radio broadcasts that would add a new level to the narrative side of the mix. So when Janelle Monáe sings about a character sleeping on some kind of sci-fi journey, the ‘Mysterious Traveler’ is waking up lost after a black-out in the wilderness. Similarly, when Squarepusher sings ‘I love you’ on Squarewindow (weird enough in itself) the Martian woman from the 1950s is swooning about being told how beautiful she is…

Admittedly I’ve been quite self-indulgent in my choice, but in essence it’s a typical lazy summer’s afternoon in the Audio Mainline household.

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Video: Elements


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