Projections by Arche

1.Projections 13:002.Embers08:243.Still07:564.Backtrack11:165.Intentions06:42

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An ambient excusion

Arche is a recently born project of producer John Dalton. The intention of these compositions is to document and stimulate different states of mind through the use of tones and manipulated sounds.

Ambient Soundscapes

Dark and meditative, hypnotic and wondrous, Projections is the soundtrack of a distant and yet adjoining universe. From the album’s opening track Projections where eerie atmosphere is enlivened by sweeping soundscapes, through to the improvisational layers of Embers where almost adventitious cymbals ride a lush wave of tones, the journey is fluid and affectionate. The tribal mantra of Still draws you inward so that you are sling shot from its warm gravitational force to the outer icy reaches of Backtrack, finally spinning and pulsing, returning you to a more familiar earth like spheroid by Intentions.