Episode 008 – An unusual journey by Ebauche

  1. Anchor States, Part 1 – Stars of the Lid & Jon McCafferty
  2. Legend of Fornar, Excerpt 2 – The Parks Service
  3. Dead Leaves – Muhr
  4. Radio X – The Rootsman
  5. Mathematics and Electronics – Gas
  6. Rigning Brju – Yagya
  7. Accelerateur – Vromb
  8. Axis of Ignorance – Funkstörung
  9. Flasc – Kids For Tomorrow
  10. Trodding Version – Rhythm & Sound
  11. Film – Pub
  12. Cool Harbour – The Orb
  13. 3c273 – Gel-Sol
  14. Sargasso – Massonix
  15. Smelly Water – Negativland & Chumbawamba


We’re happy to announce we’ve got a brand new Agent Cast for your listening pleasure provided to us by Ebauche.

It’s an eclectic mix of music varying from instrumental, to dubby techno, to ambient, and all sorts in between.

Starting out with the hauntingly beautiful Anchor States Part 1 by Stars of the Lid, Ebauche brings in the extremely unusual “Legend of Fornar” from the little known “Parks Service”, a unique Irish musical experiment. Later on we get to hear some staples from Ebauche’s favourite Emit Records label, before the mix starts moving towards glitchy braindance and dub techno along with the brilliant Rhythm & Sound project (with whom Basic Channel were heavily involved).

It seems fitting for Ebauche to wrap it up with Negativeland of all things!


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