Episode 053 – Downtempo podcast mixed at Swagger by Ebauche

ebauche agentcast 53 podcast cover artwork
  1. Autechre – Further
  2. Basic Channel – E2e4 Basic Reshape
  3. Benge – Sofa
  4. Biosphere – Tranquilizer
  5. Loscil – Emma
  6. Lusine Icl – The Fast Lane
  7. monolake – mobile
  8. Manitoba – Children Play Well Together
  9. Markus Guentner – Wanderung
  10. Marumari – Searching For The Sasha Wolf
  11. Yagya – Rigning Tvö
  12. Vessel – Images Of Bodies
  13. Windy & Carl – Elevation
  14. woob – Over World
  15. Kids for Tomorrow – Friendship Village
  16. Gel-Sol – Spirit Guide
  17. Gaudi & Testa – Dawns Cliffs: Il Risveglio Della Pietre
  18. The Future Sound Of London – Spineless Jelly
  19. Pub – Derail
  20. Ayumi Hamasaki – Monochrome (Eurofen Dub)
  21. Rhythm & Sound – Queen Version
  22. Rhythm & Sound – Rhythm & Sound – See Mi Version (Basic Reshape)
  23. Yagya – Rigning Níu
  24. Basic Channel – Quadrant Dub I (Edit)
  25. Thomas Fehlmann – Streets of Blah
  26. Ulf Lohmann – Untitled 02
  27. Lackluster – Sizehoay
  28. Autechre – Piobmx19
  29. Kids for Tomorrow – Waxing McGee
  30. beatsystem – Drone Number One
  31. The Orb – Valley
  32. muhr – the last question
  33. woob – On Earth
  34. Aphex Twin – Leaves
  35. T-Woc – Pantog
  36. Boards Of Canada – Rue The Whirl
  37. Triola – Mondlied
  38. The Orb – Back Side Of The Moon
  39. Ebauche – Regulating Organs
  40. Autechre – Silverside
  41. Eluvium – Taken
  42. Fennesz – Glide
  43. Windy & Carl – Set Adrift
  44. Chihei Hatakeyama – merak
  45. Locil – Status


Alex Leonard, aka Ebauche, blends 45 tracks over a four and a half hour downtempo podcast, featuring our very own T-Woc, Rhythm & Sound, The Orb, Fennesz, Biosphere, Lackluster and many more quality electronic acts. Alex provided us with his first podcast in 2006, and has been a staple of our Agentcast series ever since. He’s got a keen ear for a whole range of genres, if you like electronica and braindance check out all of Alex’s mixes.

Downtempo podcast from our monthly music & arts night in Cambodia

This podcast was recorded live at Swagger, our monthly music & arts show at Meta House, Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Our chillout zone consisted of multiple projectors, live painting by Dina Chhan, and the best ambient electronic music in South East Asia played by ebauche. Simultaneously our beats lab features some of the best local and International DJs, playing the finest selection of electro, breakbeat, and techno

An audio visual extravaganza

Alex has been using Traktor software for a number of years now, and recently upgraded his hardware by purchasing a Native Instruments Z1 DJ interface. He was clearly having lots of fun using his new setup, and dazzled us with a stunning visual show projected by 2 large projectors on our massive chillout balcony. Every month he displays fresh stop-motion and hyper-lapse videos, keeping everyone mesmerized for hours.

Alex is also a sound engineer, and musician. He’s a member of WASH. WASH features music by Warren Daly, Alex Leonard (ebauche), and Hal Fx from Audio Mainline. A hybrid soundscape of rhythm, synthesis, live instrumentation and location recordings, guided by the poetry and spoken word of Scott Bywater. If you like downtempo styling you’ll enjoy their latest album entitled Triptych.

Until next time, enjoy the podcast and please share it with your friends. Comments are most welcome too.


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