Episode 055 – Special Emit Records Mix by Ebauche

  1. Pueblo Bonito – Is It?
  2. Strawberry Girl – Poesie
  3. Woob – Creek
  4. Lucid Dreams – Achieving Lucidity
  5. International Peoples Gang – Nine Churchill Drive
  6. Gaudi & Testa – Nigth Watch
  7. Beatsystem – There Are 23 Million…
  8. International People’s Gang – Waiting Room
  9. Woob – Later
  10. Voodoo Warriors Of Love – Sweat
  11. 302 Acid – Push Button
  12. Sub – Nautilus
  13. Woob – Wuub
  14. 302 Acid – Aiboc
  15. Lucid Dreams – Health Warning
  16. International peoples gang – Glow
  17. Coco, Steel & Lovebomb – Harlem
  18. Woob – Pond Life
  19. Bad Data – Borders
  20. High Skies – Burning Buildings
  21. Gel-Sol – Jiva
  22. Gel-Sol – Ach Werden Ijler
  23. International peoples gang – Nine Churchill Drive
  24. Gaudi & Testa – Deimos’ Prophecy
  25. Woob – Woobed
  26. International Peoples Gang – AC Harmonics
  27. Gaudi & Testa – Dawns Cliffs: Il Risveglio Della Pietre
  28. Gel-Sol – Ombai Strait
  29. Gas – Microscopic
  30. Red Leb – Freezebee
  31. Woob – Odonna
  32. Lucid Dreams – Nightmares
  33. Andy Hughes – Antillia
  34. Sine – What’s On Your Mind?
  35. Fognode – Thin Faces
  36. International peoples gang – Experience #1
  37. Gas – Mathematics and Electronics
  38. Gel-Sol – Few And Far Between
  39. 302 Acid – Road Trip To Tokyo
  40. Gas – Earthshake
  41. Voodoo Warriors Of Love – Blood
  42. International peoples gang – This One
  43. Gel-Sol – Jiva
  44. Gaudi & Testa – Space-Mind Continuum
  45. Woob – On Earth
  46. Lucid Dreams – Lucidity


Mix by Ebauche recorded at Swagger - Cambodia

To me this is a very special mix as it’s exclusively showcasing tracks from one of my all-time favourite record labels, Em:t Records (aka Emit records).

Sadly the record label is no longer active, having released material in the 90’s before closing down, and then again in the early 00’s before meeting the same fate and shutting down again in 2006.

An extensive collection of Em:t Records releases

I’ve been trying to collect as much of the material released by Em:t Records for many years but still have quite a few to find. However I decided I had enough to dedicate an entire Swagger DJ set to the label, and hopefully the original artists will be pleased to see their work combined in this way.

If you’re interested in buying some of this music you can find a few releases still active on the web. Both Woob and Gas are active and I highly recommend buying Gas 0095 and everything that Woob has – really high quality ambient electronic music! You can find Gel-Sol’s newer releases on Bandcamp, but for his Em:t release you can head over to Emusic.com where you can find Gel-Sol, International People’s Gang, 302 Acid, and Gaudi:Testa. For Lucid Dreams 0096, Beatsystem 2297, and the two compilations it’s not such an easy task. You can get 2297, 0096, 0094, and 0004 on Amazon. There also seems to be quite a lot of Em:t releases on Grooveshark, but I’m doubtful as to whether anyone is getting any money from plays on there.

Please support the artists

If you can use Bandcamp where possible then the original artists are getting paid! Other than that, it’s a treasure hunt to find these amazing releases and unlock the audio treasures inside.

See the full discography of Em:t Records on Discogs.com.

I hope you enjoy this four (and some!) hour mix, put it on, sit back, and relax. (Listen & Follow on iTunes)


2 responses to “Episode 055 – Special Emit Records Mix”

  1. Alex Leonard says:

    So delighted to see this out in the wild. I love these tunes so much :)

  2. […] You can listen through the mix with the embedded player below, or you can visit Invisible Agent to download the entire thing! […]

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