Episode 050 – Friday Spice Rack by Sunken Foal

  1. Sonia’s Sex Diary – Flexi Sex
  2. Stone in Focus – Aphex Twin
  3. The Other Side of Town – Curtis Mayfield
  4. It Never Stopped in My Home Town – Les McCann
  5. Korkulu Ruya – Erkin Koray
  6. Nerde Hani – Mazhar ve Fuat
  7. Obelisk – Chequerboard
  8. Spinner – Eno & Wobble
  9. The Craft – Jerry Goldsmith
  10. Jungle Trek – Alan Silvestri
  11. Moonlupe – Casino Vs Japan
  12. On the Bed – George Harrison
  13. Sina Mory – Ali Farka Touré & Toumani Diabeté
  14. Piano Rolls – Bill Wells
  15. Tempo Block – Raymond Scott
  16. Pulsers – David Tudor
  17. The Colour of Darkeness – Goodtime (Somadrone Rmx)
  18. Aspect Sentimental – Henri Sauguet
  19. Israel – Ital
  20. Satz Gewitter – Klause Schulze
  21. Clik Clik – Eomac
  22. Brevity – Raffertie
  23. Alsation Darn – Panda Bear
  24. Diamophoses – Zenakis
  25. Lucky Conner – Cristian Vogel
  26. We’ve Got Company – Wendy Carlos
  27. M39 Diffrain – Autechre
  28. Cold Yellow Reprise – Zvuku
  29. Clanging Buttress – Global Goon
  30. What’s the New Mary Jane – The Beatles
  31. You’re Welcome – The Beach Boys
  32. Mental Breakdown – John Maus
  33. Big Electric Cat – Adrian Belew
  34. Day Tripper – Yello Magic Orchestra
  35. Walkabout – Throbbing Gristle
  36. I Am the Storm of Dawn – John Hill
  37. Green Fingers – Siouxsie and the Banshees
  38. Red Bone – Hamilton Bohanon
  39. Kaushiki Chakrabarty – More Saiya Bedardi


An incredibly tasty blend of music instrumental in Sunken Foal's latest release

To celebrate episode 50, Sunken Foal (Planet Mu) graciously agreed to mix something special for us. Dunk Murphy is an accomplished Irish producer and musician. He previously released music as part of groups Ambulance and Natural History Museum. We’re really excited and honored, and we hope you enjoy the mix.

Sunken Foal’s most recent releases have been on Countersunk and include the excellent Friday Syndrome Volume 1 and Friday Syndrome Volume 2.

Check out a review of Dunk’s Friday Syndrome Volume 1 on Nialler9.

Half a century of podcasts

We’ve reached AgentCast 50, roll on the tonne we say. Since 2006 Warren Daly and selected guest artists have curated eclectic mixes for your listening pleasure. Warren likes to shine a spot light on Creative Commons, and NetAudio releases, guests and other Invisible Agent artists have carte blanche.

Sunken Foal on “Friday Syndrome”

I decided to create a mix by delving into a lot of music I’ve been listening to while making the Friday Syndrome series. Some old, some new, some local and some from far away. I like music to have lots of different flavours and to shift stylistically as my attention can wonder easily. I hope this mix reflects some of the tastes I’ve been chasing of late. Friday Syndrome Vol.3 will be released later this year on Counter Sunk
Sunken Foal


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