John Dalton

John Dalton took an early interest in music, but it wasn’t until he discovered the outer fringes of experimental electronic music in his mid to late teens that this really took hold. These early influences included the likes of Front 242, Skinny Puppy, Cabaret Voltaire, and perhaps most significantly, Coil. Soon after, he got his first synthesiser and started to explore sound creation himself.
From the beginning, a constant principle was to learn through personal experimentation, and, to a large extent, to avoid repeating tutorials or lessons from more experienced producers. From this came a deep and intuitive feeling for sound manipulation and design.
After completing his degree he went on to do his masters in music & media technologies, where he was exposed to many different techniques, giving him  a much rounder view of music production.
Following this came 4 years living in Berlin, where he explored what was left of its Techno scene, although, as the sounds of Detroit and Chicago were replaced by “minimal” his interest there declined.
Since returning to his native Ireland, he has continued to produce, and has made the occasional release of experimental ambient through Invisible Agent, and Psychonavigation Records under the moniker Arche.





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