Episode 014 – IDM Mix by Swarm Intelligence

  1. Autechre – r ess [WARP]
  2. Lakker – Oeace [Forthcoming on Stasis]
  3. LFO – Them [WARP]
  4. Disjecta – Smokehead [WARP]
  5. Monolake – Avalanche [Imbalance Computer Music]
  6. Rhythm Invention – The Mad Hi Hatter [WARP]
  7. Autechre – Bcdtmx [WARP]
  8. Dialect – 16ka2 [Transporta]
  9. UniNerves – Black Ops [Mantrap]
  10. Molez – Routine [Acroplane]
  11. Milanese – Vanilla Monkey (1 Up Mix) [Arcola]
  12. Swarm Intelligence – GRND (Ed Devane Remix) [Forthcoming on Stasis]
  13. Cane – Fall [Arcola]
  14. NHK – Mogra [Important]
  15. Euphiophone – Inflayid [Forthcoming on !Kaboogie]
  16. Jake Slazenger – Hot Fumes [WARP]
  17. Speedy J – Pure Energy [Plus 8]
  18. Ancient Methods – AM-02 B1 [Ancient Methods]
  19. Swarm Intelligence – Grinding Teeth [free download from swarmintelligence]
  20. Fran Hartnett – Sword & Shield [Forthcoming on Stasis]
  21. Rory St John – Wasted [Forthcoming on Stasis]
  22. CYP – New Equipment [Transporta]
  23. Olga+Jozef – Track2 [Olga+Jozef]
  24. Grovskopa – 180″ (Brethren Remix) [Audio Assault]
  25. John Dalton – After (Eomac Remix) [Forthcoming on Invisible Agent]
  26. Richard Devine – Mov Macros 7 [WARP]
  27. Ø – Atomit [Sähkö]
  28. Eoin Smith – Glow [SSTN Noise Series]
  29. British Murder Boys – Don’t Give Way to Fear Part 2 [Counterbalance]
  30. Aphex Twin – Dodeccaheedron [R & S]


An excellent excursion through complex IDM and broken techno

I was delighted to be contacted by Simon Hayes a.k.a Swarm Intelligence recently. He kindly offered to record a DJ mix as part of the AgentCast series.

A number of Irish labels and producers feature on this excellent 30 track excursion through complex IDM and broken Techno including awesome tracks from Lakker, LFO, Autechre, Speedy J, Richard Devine, Aphex Twin and many more.

This hour and a quarter mix is masterfully put together and by the time you get to the end, you will be wanting more.

About Simon Hayes

Currently based in Berlin and active on the music scene for a number of years he also manages the Stasis Records label. As a DJ and producer, Simon is skilled at intertwining many Electronic genres.

Big shout out to Stasis Records and a big thank you to Simon… check out his other mixes and the excellent releases on Stasis Records. Hopefully we will hear more from Simon on Invisible Agent this year.

Enjoy the mix.



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