ViewMaster by Ryan Van Winkle & Dan Gorman

  1. The Nile 04:17
  2. Seven Wonders 07:34
  3. Tulip Time 03:24
  4. Mecca 02:57

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an impressively immersive experience. – BBC News

ViewMaster is not just an album or a book, it is a performance — a personal slide-show for your eyes and ears only. When performed Ryan Van Winkle and sound artist Dan Gorman guide you through a playful, surreal, journey to a distant land. It is an immersive piece aided by the set-design of Faith Eliott and, of course, our trusty vintage View-master.

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Poet Ryan Van Winkle and musician Dan Gorman have made a den. At the start, each audience member (this is a show for one person at a time) is given a short questionnaire before being taken into this tent-like structure to sit on cushions on the floor. After studying the answers Van Winkle picks a suitable ‘journey’ for his guest and we’re off on a trip that incorporates poetry, music and vintage slides viewed through a red retro View-Master.

Live Performances

Ryan and Dan lead you on a playful, sometimes surreal, journey to a distant land and bring you back in under 15 minutes. An intimate poetry performance involving only you, a poet, a sound artist and a retro stereoscope.

To re-create the experience at home you can purchase the book, audio and visuals from the performance. While the live performance cannot be replicated we hope the combination of audio and images along side the physical book will allow you to sample the experience at home. Published by Stewed Rhubarb & Invisible Agent records.

Edinburgh Fringe, Summerhall, Scotland – August 2014

Join poet Ryan Van Winkle and sound artist Dan Gorman at the Edinburgh Fringe.

Looking Glass Books, Edinburgh – July 2014

Fuelled by ginger wine & late nights, Stewed Rhubarb Press specialises in publishing pamphlets & poetry by the best spoken word artists out there.

Southbank Center, London, England – July 2014

South bank Center. A Room for London, the boat moored on top of Queen Elizabeth Hall and one of the most exclusive places in London.

Ausform – Bristol, England – April 2014

The Parlour Showrooms


the quirkily poetic

ViewMaster at Summerhall is a gem of a show that has the ability to cleanse the most jaded of palates.

magical, lo-fi.... tiny poetic slideshow

A short but sweet private transcendental fifteen minutes…

a delicious quarter of an hour that feels like you’ve slipped into a quiet oasis.

There’s a swelling melancholy, a yearning for something just out of reach, that that creeps in. It’s a strangely calming experience…. You leave reminded that who you are is often where you’ve been.

an impressively immersive experience