Episode 006 – Spin FM Mix by Corrugated Tunnel

  1. Corrugated Tunnel – “Not Electro House” -[CDR]
  2. Corrugated Tunnel + Chelonis R. Jones – “Mardi Gras” – [CDR]
  3. Mark O’Sullivan- “Atmos Keys Mix” – (Hart House)
  4. Dj Fex – Acid Forever (Mark O’Sullivan Remix) [Brique Rouge]
  5. Noise Control – “Steel” (Corrugated Tunnel Remix) [CDR]
  6. David Duriez – “One Drop Does it” (Corrugated Tunnel Remix) – [Elevation Recordings]
  7. Corrugated Tunnel – “The snare ” [seedyR]
  8. Lil Mo Yin Yong – “Reach” [Strictly Rhythm]
  9. Mark O’Sullivan + Corrugated Tunnel – “Rockstars Swallow it” [JM Records]


This 30 minute mix by Corrugated Tunnel comes from a 2008 mix set on Ireland’s Spin FM and features a number of Corrugated Tunnel’s own tunes, along with tunes from DJ Fex, Mark O’Sullivan, David Duriez and Noise Control.


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