ViewMaster – Ryan Van Winkle & Dan Gorman – Upcoming Release

I’m very pleased to confirm renowned poet Ryan Van Winkle and musician Dan Gorman will release their next album entitled ‘ViewMaster’ on Invisible Agent Records.


A ViewMaster set - Ryan Van Winkle & Dan GormanA personal slideshow for your eyes and ears only. Poet Ryan Van Winkle and musician Dan Gorman lead you on a playful, sometimes surreal, journey to a distant land and bring you back in under 15 minutes.

ViewMaster is not just a book it is a performance — a personal slide-show for your eyes and ears only. When performed Ryan Van Winkle and sound artist Dan Gorman guide you through a playful, surreal, journey to a distant land. It is an immersive piece aided by the set-design of Faith Eliott and, of course, our trusty vintage View-master.

ViewMaster premiered at Ausform in Bristol, did a short run at the Forest Fringe in 2013 and was part of the Made in Scotland Showcase at the 2014 Edinburgh Fringe Festival. The creators would like to thank the generous support of Creative Scotland, Ausform, the Forest Fringe and Summerhall.
While the live performance cannot be replicated we hope the combination of audio along side this physical book will allow you to sample the experience at home.

Stay tuned for more updates.

a girl enjoys the viewmaster -  Ryan Van Winkle & Dan Gorman

Ryan Van Winkle

Ryan Van Winkle is Poet in Residence at Edinburgh City Libraries. In 2012 his show ‘Red, Like Our Room Used to Feel’ was one of the top ten best-rated shows at the Edinburgh Fringe.

Dan Gorman

is a sound artist who has done field recordings in Afghanistan, Syria and an abandoned military base in Teufelsberg, Germany.


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