Corrugated Tunnel in M8 Magazine

Very strong review of Corrugated Tunnel’s excellent album “We Are Electronix” in M8 Magazine.

Corrugated Tunnel is the brainchild of Edwin James on of the key players in Ireland’s burgeoning electro scene and, on the evidence of this versatile début, a man with enormous production potential.

‘We Are Electronix’ pinballs its way around genres for fun, taking elements of acid, electro, house and techno to create a unique sound that, if you had to nail it down, probably sits in the corner marked ‘Intelligent-Techno-Meets-Acidy-Electronica’.

What ever the definition, this is quality stuff – from the straight-up electro of ‘Rockstars’ to the old-school squelch of ‘The Bionic Hustle’ and moody, vocoder-led electronica of ‘Not Coming Back’. And even if ‘The Snare’s’ crashing drumbeats come as a bit of a cold-shower shock, what’s probably going to make you love Corrugated Tunnel more than anything are the string-soaked atmospherics of tracks like ‘Chain Smoking monkey’ and ‘303 on 31st and Fifth’- stonewall future classics which merit comparison to Orbital’s most emotional output and hint a greatness all of their own.

We are impressed. 7/8 Stars


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