Live music & clubbing in Cambodia, South East Asia

The Internet is helping the music scene in CambodiaIf you’re in living in Phnom Penh, Cambodia or just passing through you’ll have noticed a burgeoning arts & culture scene. Art exhibitions, theatre, movie festivals and live music events are all stepping up in quality, diversity and frequency. It’s exciting times for the arts in Phnom Penh and soon we’ll be going head to head with other capital cities in south-east Asia and beyond.

It’s easy to get vital information on the latest events from a number of free magazines and publications such as Asialife, L’Echo and City Life Cambodia. For up-to-date informative reviews, extensive listings including underground musical events, look no further than the following online resources: Leng Pleng, Phnom Penh Gigs and Lady Penh. They’ll help you get proper live music listings and reviews in a flash.

Leng Pleng is an excellent pit stop for the latest listing of live music and DJ’s, including some helpful information about venues, equipment and performers. Phnom Penh Gigs a.k.a ‘following the applause’ is master minded by Scott Bywater and has more extensive reviews and music blog posts. Scott is part of the amazing psychedelic, jungle and big beat band ‘Cambodian Space Project‘. Scott is a gentleman and a scholar who chronicles the multitude of gigs around town with plenty of photographs to boot.

The ‘Disposable Heroes Of Hiphoprisy’ sing Television, the drug of the Nation, Breeding ignorance and feeding radiation’, so take heed and don’t stay in watching TV tonight, put on your dancing shoes and get out and about in Phnom Penh. But before you jump in a tuk tuk or on a moto, be sure to visit Leng Pleng, Phnom Penh Gigs and Lady Penh. You’re going to miss something special if you don’t check them out regularly.


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  1. Another source that you have neglected to mention
    Gig Guide Cambodia on Expat Advisory

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