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IS888Dance music seems to be in flux these days. Yes, dance music is probably as popular as ever, but it has never really stationed itself in the mainstream. The truly innovative dance music remains underground, and perhaps always will. Dance albums seem to becoming a rare thing these days. With the rise of the digital realm, EP’s seem the way of the future. Little nuggets of creativity hat can be bought easily and cheaply. Surprising then, that a mainly underground producer from Ireland had released a long player that was starting to receive rave reviews from some dance music heavyweights. It did dawn on me that perhaps a self styled marketing wheel was in full flow….surely the album couldn’t live up to the hype?

Simply put, it does. I am sure long nights, days and months were put into its creation, and the results show it. Definitely not a mainstream club album, this is one for the long drive up north, the way back home from the latest head cleansing gig, or even in your house as you stoke up the fire. It may not be the album that gets the party crawling on the ceiling, but it is definitely the one that can get the blood running a little smoother, or the head cooled gently, on the long road home to sobriety.

The stand out track, Careful What you Wish For, currently offered free from www.seedyr.com, is a perfectly constructed piece of music. From the humorous, yet socially adept intro, to the way in which the track floats along, nestled on a bed of crisply produced strings and deep, driving percussive elements.
Don’t be fooled into thinking this album is a one hit wonder, it’s not. You may feel that the strings are perhaps too dominant throughout the album, but on listening, it becomes obvious that this is what Edwin wanted. This album is a departure from his more Electro orientated first album, We Are Electronix, and moves into the realm of true, deep, emotional House music. It is an album that combines the organic with the synthetic in a way that is not commercial, un-classy or clustered. It is a testament to the creativity which lurks in Ireland at the moment and a testament to the rising star that is Corrugated Tunnel.

Altsounds.com //  The Dance Album Review by Robin Renwick


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