First environmentally friendly record

pressing1Using the latest technological advances in biodegradable films and plastics, Invisible Agent Records, in association with a undisclosed pressing plant, are to release the world’s first biodegradable record.

In a recent interview Warren Daly stated: “We have worked very hard on this idea for many years. We started with a 7″ prototype but have recently developed technology to allow us to extend the process to a 10″ disc.”

He went on to say that “During times of economic and environmental uncertainty somebody has to take bold steps to address several issues. We know that vinyl sales are down and vinyl production costs are up. Punters just don’t have the money, they have to buy food, they have to survive.”

Describing further technological advances he said, “A few months back we were approached by a Belgian company wishing to investigate merging the biodegradable plastics technology with a new form of confectionery process. This enabled us to produce a record that could play on any standard deck, but could at a later stage be consumed.”

He continued saying, “You will be able to play the record without audio degradation for well over 100 plays. When you’re finished, or if you don’t like the release anymore, you can just eat the record. Right now we have just one flavour, chocolate, but are working closely with the Belgians and should be launching a wide range of fascinating flavours on our next release.”

This exciting development could lead to further parallel projects such as complementing flavoured rice paper record sleeves and stickers.

Warren was unable to comment on the nutritional value of each record, but stated that clear labelling of the nutritional information would be printed on the record sleeve in line with European Communities Labelling, Presentation and Advertising of Foodstuffs Regulations 2002.


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  1. Diamond says:

    Can I get it in a 12″ Bap Sleeve?

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