Win a copy of Bliss, a simple and accurate audio tagger and album artwork finder

bliss mp3 taggerDan Gravell has given us an unlimited version of his excellent audio tagging and album artwork finder worth $50. To win this very useful and time saving software, all you have to do is answer one simple question.

When was the first Invisible Agent podcast made available for download?

Please answer in the comments box below. Bliss is licensed ‘per fix’. This means, for every fix Bliss makes to your music library, it costs you one ‘fix’. Right now, that only applies to each time album art is saved, resized or embedded. Bliss tells you how many fixes you have and how many you need to complete its work. If you win this ‘unlimited fixes’ version you’ll be able to fix your entire collection for life. Best of luck.

Thanks to Dan Gravell, creator of Bliss for his generosity.